Geomembranes are widely used across a variety of industries including waste, water, aquaculture, mining, power plant, industrial and civil engineering, etc. BPM brand geomembrane products are made of finest quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE)  with specially formulated, virgin polyethylene resin by the state of the art automatic production lines and advanced  pressing technology. 

BPM geomembranes include  Smooth Geomembrane HDPE LinerTextured HDPE Geomembrane, Composite Geomembrane Liner and geotextile membrane, etc.  The smooth geomembrane HDPE Liner is available in three different colors such as black, white and green. The textured geomembrane can be fabricated with single or double-sided surface. ODM, OEM or customization are also available for your project demands.

High quality Geomembranes Price

Smooth Geomembrane HDPE Liner

Smooth Geomembrane HDPE Liner Price

BPM smooth geomembrane HDPE liner is fabricated by automatic geomembrane production lines and advanced three layered pressing technology in accordance with GRI GM13 standard. Compared with traditional concrete, asphalt and compacted clay, smooth geomembrane HDPE Liner has proven to be far more cost effective, environmentally safe, excellent durable, chemically resistant, fast deployment and easy transportation.. See more on BPM smooth geomembrane HDPE liner…

Textured HDPE Geomembrane Liner

Textured HDPE Geomembrane for sale

BPM textured HDPE geomembrane is made of imported raw material with advanced manufacturing equipment and professional production technology, they are packed in double woven geotextile and strength belt. Our textured HDPE geomembranes are widely applied for such projects which need increased friction between two layers and high steeper slopes as landfills, mining, retaining backfills and waste containment. More information available on BPM  textured HDPE geomembrane…

Composite HDPE Geomembrane Liner

Composite Geomembrane Liner manufacturers

BPM HDPE Composite geomembrane Liner is made by heat-bonding nonwoven or woven geotextile to HDPE geomembranes by calendaring processing technology. It has the functions and advantages of both geotextiles and geomembranes. The geotextile layer increases essential tensile strength and the geomembranes provides excellent impermeability. They are widely used for landfills, waste water treatment, roads construction, aquaculture, landscape and agriculture, etc al.  Get more about BPM composite HDPE Geomembrane liner…