HDPE impermeable membrane, also called  HDPE geomembrane,  is the kind of flexible waterproof geosynthetic material with a high barrier coefficient(1×10-17 cm/s). HDPE geomembrane has good heat resistance and cold resistance, and its applicable environmental high temperature is  110 , low temperature -70. BPM Brand HDPE impermeable membrane has strong weather resistance and strong anti-aging properties which makes it the suitable material to maintain its original performance for longer time. HDPE impermeable membrane also has strong tensile strength and elongation at break which enable it applicable in a variety of different geological and climatic conditions. So HDPE impermeable membrane is the ideal geosynthetic product for the biogas digesters lining and covering applications.

Biogas digesters, also known as black geomembrane biogas digesters or geomembrane biogas digesters, are the effective construction to integrate biogas fermentation and gas storage. The anti-seepage HDPE impermeable membrane materials can completely enclose the entire anaerobic pond, which is simple, convenient and fast. The utility model has the advantages of low cost, simple process flow, convenient operation and maintenance, long sewage retention time, sufficient digestion, good sealing performance, and high daily biogas production. The anti-seepage HDPE impermeable membrane material has high tensile strength, anti-aging and corrosion resistance and good anti-seepage effect. The effect of warming and heat preservation is good, and the amount of sludge in the pool is small.

HDPE impermeable membrane for Biogas Digesters in Jiangsu

Our Jiangsu customers contacted us on May, 2018.  They wanted to order HDPE geomembrane for their biogas digesters project. BPM sent professional engineers to visit their the location, inspect the biogas digesters project and discuss the deployment scheme with them. According to our ten years of  experiences, we recommend them HDPE impermeable membrane 1.5mm to cover the biogas digesters and 1.2mm for the tank lining usage. Finally, our Jiangsu customers placed the order.  All the geomembrane products were delivered to the project location within 10 days.

Specifications of HDPE impermeable membrane for Jiangsu biogas digesters project

  • The size of biogas digesters Project – 125*60*6.5m
  • Total quantity – 13500 m2
  • HDPE impermeable membrane cover – 1.5mm
  • HDPE impermeable membrane lining – 1.2mm
  • Each roll size – 6m×50m
  • Delivery time – one week

The principle of black HDPE impermeable membrane biogas digesters to improve the efficiency of biogas fermentation is to continuously absorb heat by black HDPE impermeable membrane. The method of producing biogas is the same as that of traditional biogas digesters. Using the advantages of HDPE impermeable membrane to prevent leakage, a layer of HDPE anti-seepage membrane is laid in the excavated soil. Inside the pit, the inlet and outlet, the slag collecting pipe and the biogas collecting pipe are installed according to the anaerobic fermentation process, and the bottom of the slag discharging pipe should be closely attached to the bottom film. The gas pipe of the biogas tank uses ø200mm HDPE pipe and can withstand pressure above 10kPa. Before installing the gas pipeline, check whether the gas pipeline leaks, especially the buried gas pipeline must be inspected. The anchoring trench is excavated 1.5m around the pit pool. The anchoring groove size is 1m*1m, and the limited yin and yang angles are rounded and chamfered. After the HDPE impermeable membrane base film is laid, the plain soil is filled with a thickness of 20cm. After the top HDPE impermeable membrane film is laid, the anchoring ditch is filled with plain soil.

HDPE impermeable membrane Biogas Digesters Project in Jiangsu
HDPE impermeable membrane for Biogas Digesters Projects

The upper part is covered with HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane seal, and then the anchoring groove is fixed to cover the HDPE impermeable membrane, thereby forming an overall anaerobic fermentation space. HDPE impermeable membrane is often made of high-quality polyethylene original resin. The main component is 97.5% high-density polyethylene, about 2.5% carbon black, anti-aging agent, antioxidant, UV absorber, stabilizer and other accessories. The advanced automatic geotechnical production equipment is made by three-layer co-extrusion technology. All BPM HDPE impermeable membrane products are produced according to the US GRI standard and ASTM test standard. We generally use 1.2 mm thick HDPE impermeable membrane for the base film. If the HDPE geomembrane cover of the biogas tank is used, the urban construction standard geomembrane should be selected. To ensure safety and service life, the thickness should be no less than 1.5mm. It is recommended to use a 1.0mm HDPE impermeable membrane for the geomembrane of the sedimentation tank.

The biogas impermeable geomembrane is mainly divided into the base film and the mask. The base film is impermeable for the bottom of the biogas tank, and the mask is the cover of the biogas tank. The most important guarantee is the biogas storage and biogas power generation in the biogas digesters, which can protect the environment and prevent groundwater pollution.

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