High density pond liner is a flexible synthetic liner manufactured from polyethylene resin with a small amount of carbon black, UV stabilizers and antioxidants. BPM High density pond liner is the most widely used lining systems, which can be produced in various thicknesses and textured surfaces. The significant advantages of the HDPE geomembrane includes its great flexibility, very low permeable, thermal stability, outstanding mechanical properties and UV light resistance, exceptional chemical resistance and durability, which makes it becomes an excellent liner candidate for hydraulic and water engineering applications. They have been successfully adopted in many water projects around the world, and working efficiently.

High Density Pond Liner for Dam Construction
High Density Pond Liner for Dam Construction in Jiangsu

The dam was originally lined by using bitumen or asphalt coating laid on top of the concrete foundation. With the settlement of subgrade and foundation, the concrete base with bitumen coating cracked caused the leakage of the reservoir. With the using of HDPE geomembrane, the leakage problem is eventually resolved.
Our Jiangsu customer got a tender for dam construction project on April, 2017. They came to our factory to investigate the usage of the HDPE pond liner. Our company arranged professional engineer to accompany them to visit the factory and patiently introduced the automatic geomembrane production lines. Furthermore, we gave him the total solution about the High density pond liner for dam construction project. After communication and negotiation, finally, they confirmed the quality of our HDPE pond liner and placed an order.

Specifications of High Density Pond Liner for Dam Construction in Jiangsu

  • Total quantity – 100,000m2
  • Specification– 1000gsm
  • Each roll size – 7m×150m
High Density Pond Liner for Dam Construction Project

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