Landfill liner systems are the ideal geotechnical products applied for landfilling solid waste, rubbish garbage among mountains, excavated mines, etc. Landfill liner systems are generally composed of HDPE geomembrane liner and woven geotextile or other geosynthetic products. Due to their excellent corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, HDPE Geomembrane liner and non-woven geotextile can resist more than 80 kinds of highly corrosive chemicals, and have strong tensile properties, UV resistance, anti-aging capabilities, etc.  Geotextiles and HDPE Geomembrane liner are widely used geotechnical materials in waste dumps and landfills.

With the fast economic development, urban modernization and vigorously promoting the industrialization process, it has brought huge economic benefits, and at the same time caused a large amount of industrial liquids and hazardous wastes in the industry, causing serious damage to the surrounding soil and ecological environment. Residual industrial liquids and hazardous wastes are extremely corrosive and need to be properly treated. Most countries are paying more and more attention to the ecological environment, and the national environmental awareness is gradually improving. Some domestic waste landfills and industrial factories produce residual hazardous waste landfill treatment projects in people’s field of vision, landfill liner systems, non woven geotextile and other geosynthetic materials are widely used in landfill treatment. These geosynthetic materials are made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly raw materials.

HDPE Landfill Liner System for Solid Waste Containment In Bangladesh
Landfill Liner Systems for Solid Waste Containment In Bangladesh
HDPE Landfill Liner Systems for Waste Containment In Bangladesh

The traditional reinforced concrete lining anti-seepage layer is complicated in construction, labor-intensive, time-consuming, and the construction cost is very high. Geotechnical materials have the advantages of low cost, convenient transportation, short construction period and simple construction. According to the statistics of the authoritative geotechnical materials association, it can save 50% of the cost and play an irreplaceable role. The landfill liner systems is the most important part of the whole project, and the non-woven geotextile plays a very important role as the protective layer and the permeable filter layer of the anti-seepage liner. In the single-layer anti-seepage layer, two layers of non-woven fabric are generally used as a protective layer to sandwich the HDPE geomembrane liner. The cloth protects the lower layer of water and the large particles adhere to the cloth to form a filter layer, allowing only fine soil particles. And water filtration, to prevent the loss of the lower layer of soil to maintain the stability of the soil layer, to avoid the occurrence of uneven settlement, thereby protecting the safety of the entire project of the landfill, while the geotextile prevents the upper layer of pollutant leachate and the underlying soil. Direct contact has played a role in isolation.

The landfill liner systems are powerful and efficient system to contain tons of solid waste garbage. Therefore, the HDPE geomembrane liner is 1.5mm and the width should be greater than 6 meters to reduce the welded joint. As practice has shown that 70% of the leakage from landfills occurs in welded joints. The selection of geomembrane is very important for environmental protection. The geotextile liner is 600g filament geotextile to protect HDPE geomembrane from damage, HDPE geomembrane in the buried area is acts as a special impermeable liner.

Specifications of HDPE Landfill Liner Systems for Waste Containment In Bangladesh

  • Total geomembrane quantity – 27000m2
  • Each roll size – 7m×100m
  • geomembrane Thickness –1.5mm
  • Specification–600g/m2

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